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FBLINK Technology Co., Ltd., established in the early beginning of 2001, specializes in developing and manufacturing various kinds of electronic & digital products including Modem, Wireless router, USB flash drives, Solid state drive, Camera, CCTV, Memory cards, Dcom 3G/4G, ect.

We own powerful development ability of software & hardware. Our excellent R&D staff and advanced production facilities ensure reliable products incorporating the latest technology. With perfect sales networks and powerful developing ability. FBLINK has commercial networks radiate in each city of China, and possesses after-safe service centers with a senior maintenance quality certificate which greatly satisfies all customers. “FB-LINK” is our registered brand which has become “Taiwan Well-Known Brand Acknowledged Popularty” and “Taiwan Quality Brand Product” successfully. As we know that “Successfully starts with good quality”, FBLINK Technology Co., Ltd., always serves users with credible quality.

We adhere to the philosophy of ‘Endless pursue of excellence and perfection’!


Street Address: 1F, No.4, Lane 90, Shuiyuan Street, Yonghe City, Taipei Country 234, Taiwan. City: New TaipeiCity. Country/Region: Taiwan. Telephone: 886-2-29213545. Fax: 886-2-29214445