Improve your computer’s performance

Improve your existing system’s performance with the FB-Link HM300 Pro 2.5” SATA III (6Gb/s) solid-state drive (SSD). This easy upgrade gives you faster boot-ups, application load times, and data transfers turning your old computer from dinosaur to dynamo with read speeds of up to 550MB/s. It is also cooler, quieter, and uses less battery life than a traditional hard disk drive.

Give your laptop or PC computer a boost

FB-Link’s SSD dramatically improves your system’s responsiveness with incredible boot, loading and transfer times compared to mechanical hard drives. The HM300’s available in multiple capacities 120GB, 128GB, 240GB, 256GB, 480GB giving you options to meet your system’s needs.

Solid State Reliability

Lightweight and shock resistant, FB-Link’s SSD use no moving parts and help keep your data safe from loss in the case of accidental bumps and drops.